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Feeling for oneself,
think for yourself and
own decisions

Podcast and blog by Peter Simon Fenkart

Feel for yourself, think for yourself and make your own decisions

The podcast for freeing yourself from mental ballast and obstructive misconceptions.

All this in order to make better, more sustainable, more purposeful and more successful decisions, to find out what to really do with life, independent of planted ideas and imposed models of life.

A useful basis for developing one's own individual success in life, beyond prefabricated templates. 

Decision-making competence is like a muscle that you can build.

Peter Simon Fenkart

About the author and host of the podcast

Peter Simon Fenkart is Podcaster and initiator of the programme Decision Masterthat enables people to make better, more purposeful and sustainable decisions and thus gain more fulfilment in life.

He studied Computer Science at the TU Karlsruhe, was Young filmmakers with numerous film awards and was supported by the Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film. The European Union (EU) awarded him a Special price for a study on Europe's future.

He founded several Company with up to over sixty employees (in the emerging information technology sector) and unique added values, was Visionary, Internet pioneer, many years full-time Publisher and part-time Skydiving instructor.

He has worked for over two decades as a Advisor leading companies in industry and communication, as a trained Intuition and mental coach and Trainer, is Author of several books, Lecture speaker and Video producer.

Often he is ahead of the timesWe experience ups and downs, take risks, win and lose, get back up again and constantly create something new.

Peter Simon Fenkart has established himself as Innovator proven many times over, can comprehensively identify and solve paradigms. From all these different areas he draws his incomparable added value in advising leading companies, in the Overcoming paradigms and the Opening up new possibilities and the Identifying unique opportunities in market and technology. Diversity and interdisciplinary thinking shape his strategies.

Its Resistance in values is reflected in private life in a partnership that has now lasted over 30 years.

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