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Form an opinion instead of adopting

Dissatisfied? When a job or a relationship doesn't work out, many people distract themselves. They fall into the opinion trap and would rather discuss Corona, the Ukraine war or the parliamentary allowances than solve their own problems. They are preoccupied with things they cannot influence and become increasingly dissatisfied. The better strategy is to concretely analyse the respective problems and decide which changes are important.

Become your own decision-making master - and the forger of your own happiness. Other people's opinions should not be of interest. Whatever you intend to do - it is your decision what you need to be happy.

Own opinion - the be-all and end-all

Of course, diversity of opinion is right and important. But it must not lead us to accept other opinions that are not ours, that are wrong or that hinder our development in the long term. The opinion trap snaps shut every day. Through exchanges with friends and acquaintances, neighbours and colleagues. At the regulars' table. And especially on the internet. The consequences are as numerous as they are unpleasant. They concern personal success, a ruined attitude to life, missed opportunities. Only one's own opinion and one's own decisions bring about a turnaround. Because they ensure that we are no longer part of the problem, but the solution.

Is having a say really that important?

The opinion on every topic. Even if you don't know anything about it. Use every discussion to defend your own point of view. Whether Corona or Ukraine - use all energy to convince others of your own opinion. Does that achieve anything? And if so, what? - As a rule, it brings frustration. Because the permanent advocacy of opinions on all kinds of topics is one thing above all: a real energy guzzler. And this is precisely the energy we would need to develop further, to solve our problems and implement possible improvements in our lives. We cannot influence whether Putin ends the war or the Corona virus mutates dangerously. But we can choose to invest our energy and passion in ourselves and our individual goals and become our own decision-making champion.

Opinion mongering distracts

Television. Radio. Internet. Facebook. - It is the multimedia diversity that makes opinions. And it's the gurglers and conspiracy theorists who think outside the box - and thereby shape even new opinions. Many people develop a kind of opinion compulsion through this scenario. And this opinion is usually the parroting of some slogans. If these slogans - and they usually are - are also negative, this has two consequences. Firstly, you get the impression that the whole world is negative and that you can't do anything to change it. Frustration spreads. Secondly, you get distracted by the gloomy opinions and getting involved in constant discussions. Distracted as to one's own needs, goals and strategies. Both are unpleasant. But the good news is that you have it in your hands to stop all that. You can decide to be a decision master from now on. Your decision.

Overcoming dissatisfaction

Many "opinion makers" who commute between the regulars' table and the demo are dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with the world. Dissatisfied with the government. But above all they are dissatisfied with themselves. And at this point a well-known proverb is particularly apt: everyone is the architect of his own fortune. Not the world, which is so unfair. Not the government. Not Putin. Not Corona. But us. So if you decide to take your happiness (and your own opinion) into your own hands and change something, the first thing you probably change is discontent. Because then you will no longer be discussing whether cold showers are an imposition or Corona vaccination chips from Microsoft are being shoved under your skin. You probably have neither the desire nor the time to participate in such polemical discourses.

When do opinions benefit?

We are told today that we should have an opinion on everything. But that is wrong. There is - when you get right down to it - only one good reason why it is necessary to form an opinion: to prepare for one's own and sensibly considered decisions. Decision-makers do not form their own opinion in order to have a say. They form an opinion when they want to do something concrete about the conditions that others only complain about. Or they form an opinion in order to evaluate and improve their private and professional situation. An opinion leads to an attitude. Action follows from an attitude. - The opinion is only useful when a decision is pending that one can make and implement oneself. So not negotiating with Putin, but perhaps changing jobs, making a purchase, building a house or other things. And as my own master, I will perhaps discuss my opinion or decision in this regard with some important people, but certainly not hang it out on the big bell and discuss it publicly. Because: What strangers think of your decisions should not matter to you.

Changing the focus

What good does it do you to get upset about the amount of the parliamentary allowances of the members of the German Bundestag? Nothing. What use is it to you to get upset about the amount of your salary? Maybe a lot, if you make the right decision from that opinion! Focusing on your own life, your own problems and solving them is what can make the famous difference. Thinking about how to react to your own dissatisfaction. What one can do concretely. That is the motto. Don't let yourself be distracted by dissatisfied people and their opinions instead of taking care of the really important things. This applies to the job as well as to the relationship. Become master or wife of your own decisions.

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Form an opinion instead of adopting

Dissatisfied? When a job or a relationship doesn't work out, many people distract themselves. They fall into the opinion trap and would rather discuss Corona, the Ukraine war or the parliamentary allowances than solve their own problems. They are preoccupied with things they cannot influence and are becoming increasingly dissatisfied. The better strategy is [...]
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