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Freedom and will: are you still waiting or have you already decided?

Two complex concepts, two sides of the same coin: If we do not consciously exercise our will and decide nothing ourselves, we are not really free.

Freedom - a big word that (supposedly) means something different to everyone. Some - and that is probably many people - understand freedom as the absence of constraints of any kind. This begins with the daily tasks at work and ends with quite normal household chores. They neither want to make a decision nor do anything. The ideal state consists of pleasant idleness. But is that really freedom?

Freedom: doing nothing or passing time - is that all?

Does your life also consist of waiting - for the end of work, the weekend, holidays and ultimately retirement? What is so desirable about that? Then you have and are free - so completely without tasks, without duties and thus constraints? You can finally relax. And you are bored. So you pass the time somehow, you watch a film, have a drink - and nothing happens. And you wait. Slowly the situation gets on your nerves, you get upset about little things: The neighbour is annoying, the rising prices are an impertinence, the news is hardly bearable. At least you have some variety - is that what freedom means?

Freedom as the highest good - also for you?

There is another way: while some people see their own personal freedom in doing nothing or passing the time, there are people who set themselves goals. They may use different methods, such as a list of things to do or a list of the goals they still want to achieve. This can be something big that is not so easy to achieve. Some people want to leave something substantial, something lasting or even a dent in the universe. What they have in common is that they want something - and they want it actively and decisively.

By wanting something, you exercise your will - and your freedom. So the insight is: freedom lies in the will that follows the wanting. This is not about desires that we all harbour, such as different circumstances in life. Rather, it is about a genuine wanting that inevitably also leads to doing, to active and purposeful action. Everything else is procrastination. If we only talk about how nice it would be, then this belongs to the category of pastime. Let's talk about how beautiful it becomes through our actions: That is freedom in action!

Living freedom - how does that work?

To say it in advance: You don't have to make lists and define goals. It is sufficient if you listen to yourself and explore what is inside you. What wants to unfold and develop in you? What could a better version of ourselves look like, what will that feel like? Then feel this lived longing for fulfilment, for your new existence. You experience who you are yourself and where your path leads you. I see this as the greatest adventure we can ever experience: lived freedom as the liberation of being.

Of course, you can find your very own way, but one thing is certain: we are only free when we exercise our will, when we consciously choose something - an action, a goal, a thing or a person. But, what does reality look like? Most people run on automatic, they just are, driving like a train on rails and always straight ahead. This can also be pleasant and restful, not for nothing do some spiritual directions see the highest goal in this state, which knows neither ego nor will. Hand on heart: why do we have free will then?

Free will - as much a gift as a responsibility and a burden

It is like all great goods, they are not only blessings but also burdens: If humanity would renounce its free will, this could be a great blessing for the earth. How disastrous the consequences of many people exercising their will are can be seen in our nature and environment. But the good that humanity accomplishes would also be missing. And the special thing that makes us human. We have not only received our will as a nice accessory. If we make decisions and exercise our will, we learn and grow. We develop further by recognising what we do, what is good and what is bad - and decide how to proceed.

What would it mean to renounce our will? We would turn out to be a fatal error of nature because we do not exercise the dangerous free will - we would only vegetate. Can that be the goal of our human existence? Certainly not! No, we should consciously choose this gift in order to learn something new day by day, also to err and make mistakes. Only in this way can we develop further - as a human being and as a soul.

You too can become a decision champion - now!

The decision is yours: Break the rut of habit - always a little further. In this way you can make new experiences, gain insights, grow and prosper in many ways. And best of all: you don't have to take these steps alone. Many things are easier in community: making decisions, gaining decisiveness, exercising free will - in the best sense of being human, you become a master of decision-making. Does this sound exciting to you? Then simply get in touch with us, we look forward to meeting you!

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