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Inspiration for your own life plan.

Freedom and will: are you still waiting or have you already decided?

Two complex concepts, two sides of the same coin: If we do not consciously exercise our will and decide nothing ourselves, we are not really free. Freedom - a big word that (supposedly) means something different to each person. Some - and that is probably many people - understand freedom as the absence of constraints [...]

Form an opinion instead of adopting

Dissatisfied? When a job or a relationship doesn't work out, many people distract themselves. They fall into the opinion trap and would rather discuss Corona, the Ukraine war or the parliamentary allowances than solve their own problems. They are preoccupied with things they cannot influence and are becoming increasingly dissatisfied. The better strategy is [...]

Immediate help in decision-making crises

Crises are turning points. Because from here life can go in the right direction again or completely wrong, it is important to make good decisions. Those who honestly surrender in a crisis will find a reliable way out of it. The emergency aid kit from the decision master can also be of good service here. Puppy bonus is a great thing. Small dogs can [...]

Are you a decision refugee?

Making good decisions - that seems as unattainable as higher mathematics to many people. They put off the decision-making process, they get lost in endless lists of pros and cons or switch back to the automatic of the usual. Without good decisions, life stagnates. That's why the decision refugee needs a different strategy to move forward. The plane rises continuously. [...]

Happiness and success in life? - You decide for yourself

Happiness and success are siblings. They occur together and influence each other. And they can be influenced themselves. Anyone who masters the art of making the right decisions opens the door hospitably to happiness and success. With a little guidance, anyone can learn this art. Happiness is an overused term. Because we expect a lot from happiness [...].

Red card for mindfuck: How to escape conspiracy theories

As soon as a conspiracy theory is in circulation, intuition and common sense seem to switch off. Are you one of those people who want to escape the mindfuck? Then you can find out here at what conspiracy theories are all about and how you can best escape them. Conspiracy theories: As old as mankind "Grey dear friend is all conspiracy theory [...]

Setting goals Part 1: All legend

To be successful, you need goals and you need to internalise certain strategies that will get you to where you want to be. Who hasn't heard sentences like this? Yet these hackneyed wisdoms are guaranteed not to help you achieve success. On the contrary, a lot of frustration is pre-programmed along the way. Here you can find out how to make your way better. [...]

Setting goals Part 2: Powerful alternatives

The last topic was setting the right goals. But is goal setting really always the optimal strategy? So much in advance, sometimes a different tactic can be better. Here you can learn about powerful alternatives. Wrong goals don't lead to the desired result When we set a goal wrongly or just a bit clumsily, frustration [...]

Why good intentions don't get you anywhere

New year, new resolutions - but these proverbial good resolutions are usually anything but effective. Here you can find out how to avoid the stumbling block of good intentions and still achieve success. Good intentions create excessive demands In criminal law, acts committed with intent are considered to aggravate the punishment. Exactly this dynamic also characterises good intentions for [...].

Father Christmas: All a lie?

Father Christmas is a lie? Even small children get wise to the story about the man with the white ruffled beard when they get older. But it's not that easy. Father Christmas exists - you just have to engage with him wholeheartedly! How do I tell my child? My five-year-old daughter [...]
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