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  • Your greatest enemy is yourself

    Your beliefs, fears and anxieties keep you down. More insight and self-knowledge through SPIRITFLASHING!
  • No money, no life?

    Imagination instead of simplicity. Redeeming ideas. Simply have more flashes of inspiration. FLASHES OF INSPIRATION!
  • Don't let them fool you with a C for a K!

    Do not be gullible and do not be deceived! Beware of the general offer of truth! Your perception determines your success. Tips: SPIRIT!
  • Does the world have to change for you to be successful?

    Change yourself, out of yourself, and suddenly the world changes. Just have inspirations: SPIRIT!
  • The world doesn't give you the chance you need?

    This is a hint to you that the solution is not to run after the masses. FLASH OF GENIUS!

  • Surrounded by stupidity?

    All wrong-way drivers in the system? Surf the wave instead of letting it drown you. With SPIRIT FLASHES!

  • Are you the black sheep??

    Then you will probably do what others do not dare to do and can achieve what others do not dare to dream of. Dream productively: MIND FLASHING!

The current podcast episode:

26 John Wick as a coach for life - with Florentina

Is contract killer the new dream job? Quite the opposite. What you can learn from films for your own life is one of the topics of the conversation with Florentina.


More about the episode and the podcast at

The latest blog posts:

Two complex concepts, two sides of the same coin: If we do not consciously exercise our will and decide nothing ourselves, we are not really free. Freedom - a big word that (supposedly) means something different to each person. Some - and that is probably many people - understand freedom as the absence of constraints of any kind. This starts with the daily tasks at work and ends with quite normal household chores. They want neither a...
Dissatisfied? When a job or a relationship doesn't work out, many people distract themselves. They fall into the opinion trap and would rather discuss Corona, the Ukraine war or the parliamentary allowances than solve their own problems. They are preoccupied with things they cannot influence and become increasingly dissatisfied. The better strategy is to concretely analyse the respective problems and decide which changes are important. Become...
Crises are turning points. Because from here life can go in the right direction again or completely wrong, it is important to make good decisions. Those who honestly surrender in a crisis will find a reliable way out of it. The emergency aid kit from the decision master can also be of good service here. Puppy bonus is a great thing. Small dogs can get away with a lot. They run around super wild, bite shoes or charge at big dogs. But they don't get...
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